A Roman Wedding: Patricia and William, April 22, 2000

Patricia and William, just marriedMany of our modern Western weddding customs can be traced back to ancient Rome, and the historical record includes sufficient information to create a plausible reconstruction of a Roman ceremony.

We (Patricia and William) are not scholars, but have spent many years pursuing an interest in ancient history in general and Roman history in particular. When we decided to marry, we also decided to create a wedding ceremony which would combine Roman traditions with ritual elements meaningful to us as individuals.

We created this ceremony partly because we respected the Roman idea of marriage as a stabilizing force in society, and partly because we thought it would be fun. It was.

This site is a chronicle of our wedding, a resource for the student of Roman social history, and a guide for anyone seeking to create a Roman-themed wedding in real life or as a re-enactment.

If you have information to add to our research, a Roman wedding link to suggest, or other feedback on this site, please e-mail us at pcassia@janeraeburn.com.
A brief overview of Roman wedding customs and the role of marriage in Roman society.
Our Day
One couple's Roman wedding. Photos, ceremony, program and music.
Some ideas and thoughts for reconstructing a Roman wedding.
Links and books for those interested in Roman social history.